Tips for Stacking Adel Chefridi Rings and Bands

Fine jewelry, especially when it’s handcrafted with care and intention, is one of the greatest ways to tell a personal story or mark significant moments and milestones in your life. Whether gifted or self-purchased, these special pieces remind us of our most treasured memories.

At Adel Chefridi, the ideas of "harmony and balance" are prevalent themes throughout our jewelry designs. Inspired by these themes, we're constantly dreaming up new designs, especially when it comes to our rings. You can enjoy endless opportunities for styling and stacking according to your taste - and infuse the harmony and balance into your individual style.

Combining various styles of rings and wearing them at the same time is both beautiful and pleasing, the perfect way to express yourself. We may be biased by our own passion for jewelry, but we encourage you to collect as many rings as you love, so you can build a cherished collection over time.

Read further to find inspiration for creating your own ring stack and discover tips for stacking rings from Adel Chefridi.

Tip #1: Keep at least one finger bare

You may be tempted to put a ring on every finger, but you should strive for balance and harmony when styling your rings. Leaving at least one finger bare creates a sense of balance and creates a more cohesive look. Decide which finger or fingers to keep bare by playing with your rings and deciding intuitively which arrangement pleases you the most.

Tip #2: Mix and match your metals

A monochromatic approach to stacking and styling is always chic, but if you can't decide between yellow, rose, or white tones, you might want to indulge in mixing your metals. When mixing and matching metals, stick to only two metal colors. Choose a dominant color and then incorporate two or three pieces in the complementary metal color throughout your stack. You can also shop our mixed-metal rings - like the Seeds of Harmony Charm Ring - for a perfect balance of 18K yellow gold and sterling silver in your stack.

Tip #3: Vary weights and shapes

Combine bands that vary in their widths, shapes, and textures to create visual balance in your stylish ring stack. Experiment with thick, thin, wavy, or round bands - all of which are available in our online shop. The River Rocks Band, for example, is the perfect band to add to your stacking collection as it plays with textures and shapes. You can also try the Mosaic Band for a staggered look or our Oval and Round band for contrast in gemstone shapes.

Tip #4: Statement rings

Start with a bold ring that will be the center of attention for your ring stack. Build around your statement ring by layering on other fingers. Avoid an overwhelming combination of rings by keeping the rest of your stack relatively understated. The Moonflower Ring and the Heaven on Earth Ring are some worthy contenders for statement rings.

Tip #5: Add vibrant colors

Add pops of vibrant color to your ring stack with our rings featuring hand-selected, natural colored gemstones like rich rubies, stunning sapphires, regal emeralds, and more. By experimenting with color, you can add dimension and interest to your ring stack. You can even make your ring stack more personal and memorable by using color to celebrate your loved ones by choosing rings with their birthstones. The Tapered Multi-Sapphire Band is one of our favorite colorful rings.

How will you build your own personal ring stack? With so many options, the styling possibilities are endless. If you need any assistance choosing the rings that will complement your personal aesthetic, you can always contact us for assistance. We look forward to seeing your stack!