Care and Maintenance of Your Adel Chefridi Treasures

Ensuring that your Adel Chefridi treasures stay beautiful not only for today but also for future generations means caring for the jewelry in the appropriate ways. Our pieces are handcrafted to last a lifetime but should also be maintained accordingly, the same way you would care for any other precious object. 

Maintaining your jewelry begins with how you wear it. You will want to avoid applying lotion, makeup, and perfume to areas of your body where these things may come in contact with rings, necklaces, and bracelets. You will also want to avoid situations where moisture or perspiration could affect your precious pieces. Remove jewelry before showering, swimming, washing dishes, cleaning your home, and exercising. 

Storage also plays an important role in caring for your Adel Chefridi pieces. Invest in a jewelry storage box with an anti-tarnish lining, which will help absorb and neutralize air-borne gasses that cause silver to tarnish over time. Silver and most other metals, regardless of their finish, will develop a natural patina as the years go by. We like the "antiqued" look so much that we intentionally add a patina to many of our silver pieces. However, you will still want to avoid exposing precious metals - especially silver - to the elements when you are not wearing them. 

You will also want to avoid storing chains and bracelets in such a way that may make them vulnerable to tangling, stretching, and breakage. Wrapping necklaces in tissue paper or using a jewelry box with compartments that allow you to lay chains flat is better than hanging them or leaving them in a messy pile.

When it comes to cleaning well-worn jewelry, we recommend gently washing your pieces with a soft-bristled toothbrush, warm water, and mild dish soap like Dawn. Thoroughly rinse each piece after washing and dry completely with a soft cloth or soft paper towel before wearing or storing.

Due to the satin finish on most Adel Chefridi creations, we do not recommend the use of a polishing cloth. In addition, we do not recommend silver polish dip, polish, or chemical cleaning solutions, which can remove the intentional "antiqued" patina. Jewelry with stones like emerald, aquamarine, and tsavorite should never be placed in an ultrasonic cleaning machine. 

Having your jewelry with diamonds and gemstones inspected every six months is an excellent habit that can help prevent the loss or breakage of stones. A professional jeweler can inspect prongs and tighten them if necessary. If you need more information about inspection and how to ensure that your Adel Chefridi jewelry maintains its structural integrity, please contact us. In addition, rings should be resized if your ring size changes, especially if the ring becomes too big, and you risk losing it. 

By following these tips, you will ensure that your Adel Chefridi pieces are stunning today and for many generations to come.