Spotlight on the Secret Garden Collection

Over the years, Adel has designed a number of curated collections that revolve around a repeating pattern or eye-catching motif. Our elegant and nature-inspired Secret Garden collection - featuring rings, pendants, and earrings with diamonds, colored gemstones, and hand-engraved precious metals - launched in Winter 2020 and has captured the hearts of our collectors, who are drawn to the organic and floral designs.

The very first piece from this collection was the Mixed Metal Drop Pendant, which has a flattering, teardrop-shaped silhouette. Crafted from sterling silver with 18K yellow gold details, this pendant is engraved with a vine-like pattern surrounding a cluster of diamonds and blue sapphires. One thing that Adel loves about making the Secret Garden pieces is the opportunities to add fun, hand-engraved details like leaves and petals. They're a wonder to behold!

The inspiration behind the Secret Garden collection, according to Adel, is the idea that we all possess the seeds of beauty and life, which have the potential to grow into a blossoming garden if nourished properly with the right amount of care and attention. When it comes to the creative process, Adel will often think of gemstones as flowers and then "plant" them in the garden of his jewelry.

Each one of our collections - like the Tidal Pool and Nomad - feature distinct design elements that set them apart from the others. However, all pieces in our assortment can and should be mixed, matched, and styled together, since Adel's vibrant imagination flows through all of them. The Secret Garden collection in particular shows off the aesthetic roots of Adel's work.

The jewelry lovers who would most appreciate the Secret Garden collection are detail-oriented individuals with an appreciation for classic, ornamental expressions. They also believe in the subtle power of beauty. Do you know someone who fits this profile? Share this link with them.

The best place for a new collector to begin in the Secret Garden collection is with the Secret Garden Earrings, which are stunning statement earrings that are casual enough for daytime wear - either to the office or for a relaxed, weekend adventure. These sweeping, sterling silver drop earrings feature a hand-engraved vine-like pattern as well as 18K yellow gold bezels wrapped around captivating blue sapphires.

The Multi Sapphire Pendant is another show-stopping piece from this collection. Hand-set with multi-color sapphires and diamonds, this collectible piece is handcrafted in 18K yellow gold with striking hand-etched details. it's destined to become a future heirloom!

If you're interested in shopping the Secret Garden collection for yourself or for a loved one, you can click here to begin your exploration.