Spotlight on the Tidal Pool Collection

At Adel Chefridi, we've developed a number of curated collections that revolve around a recognizable motif or repeating design pattern. Our beloved Tidal Pool collection - featuring earrings, pendants, and rings with hand-etched details, diamonds, and precious metals - is one of them. Continue reading to learn more about the inspiration behind the collection and what it means to Adel and our jewelry collectors.

The inspiration behind this collection, according to Adel, is a child's vivid imagination and the boundless freedom of playtime. When designing these pieces, Adel imagines a child on a remote beach - like one of the dreamy Tunisian beaches lining the Mediterranean - searching for signs of marine life in pockets of water left behind by the receding tide along the coast. Curiosity is at its peak, and the possibilities of discovery are endless.

Although our collections all feature distinct design elements, they also complement one another and represent Adel's perspective and vision as a whole. The organic and free-form patterns found in the Tidal Pool collection balance some of the symmetrical and geometric elements in other designs like the starry shapes in our Summer Nights collection. For this reason, all the jewelry from Tidal Pool looks amazing when layered or stacked with any piece, regardless of its collection of origin.

Each addition to the collection requires a combination of intentional effort to complete the full assortment and a spontaneous call of creative inspiration. A shape or an expression may inspire Adel to envision something new. When it comes to the creative process, sometimes Adel chooses a particular gemstone to support the specific design, but other times he selects the materials for their shape and movement. Typically, Adel will lay stones on the piece first to see what best completes it before committing to a colorway or a visual direction.

The person who would most enjoy the Tidal Pool collection is someone who's enamoured with the spontaneous and organic movements of nature. She loves water and the way it reflects light on its surface. She also appreciates fine craftsmanship and the precious nature of the materials.

One of the best ways for a newcomer to experience the Tidal Pool collection is to try one of the most majestic pieces within it - the Embellished Summer Night pendant. Crafted in warm and inviting 18K yellow gold, this piece features a smattering of cool blue sapphires and aquamarines in the center. Striking hand-etched details and sparkling white diamonds add texture and ornamentation to this elegant pendant, which is sure to attract attention.

If you're interested in shopping the Tidal Pool collection for yourself, you can click here to begin your exploration.