“The launch of our sister studio in Tunis is a true bright side, and an exciting part of my work. It somehow completes a circle and brings inspiration and purpose closer together.”

We design jewelry with the utmost attention to detail and quality, using hand selected natural gemstones to create timeless pieces. We select only the finest materials sourced from ethical suppliers, and stand behind every piece we produce. We treat each other and our clients with respect and kindness, striving to be in harmony with what is around us.

In 2010, stemming from his desire to open a channel for exchanging skills and knowledge with family, Adel started our sister studio in Tunis, empowering his sister with his core tenet of creating opportunity and an outlet for the expression of beauty. After healing from the shock her sudden passing, her daughters Refka and Ines, Adel’s nieces, embraced the Tunis studio, carrying on, stronger and better, what had meant so much to their mother. The studio is a copy of Adel’s space in New York, down to each jewelry tool and all the equipment. During Adel’s regular visits to Tunis he trains on all same techniques used in the NY studio. As the studio continues to grow and thrive, Adel remains true to his mission, empowering his family, women, and the local community.

 We are committed to transparency regarding our sourcing of raw materials as well as our production process. We follow international treaties with the aim of ensuring ethical and conflict-free sourcing of materials.

 Adel Chefridi supports the Mercury Free Mining Initiative,, researching more sustainable, environmentally conscious mining, as well as, focusing on raising global awareness of clean energy alternatives for all. Adel sits on the Advisory Board of Ethical Metalsmiths.